Behaviour Change Themes

As well as employees and employers, WCBC will benefit end-users and customers through new or improved products, processes and services, and assist policy makers who will gain a deeper understanding as to how industry can drive forward change.

WCBC will work directly with individuals and businesses in the areas of:

Behaviour-Based Health and Safety, applying the behavioural sciences to behaviour-based safety (BBS), based on modelling, nudging, measuring, positive feedback and reward strategies, especially in relation to safety-critical environments.

Productivity and Wellbeing, enabling employers and employees to establish work patterns which are inherently more efficient and productive, with the outcome of a stronger workforce and better business, through promotion of positive cognitive and emotional resources to build employee and organisational ‘resilience.’

Sustainability and Energy Awareness. Behaviour Change is the core ingredient in sustaining our environment & the project will design, deliver & promote the best environmental practices that allow full maximisation of its use of resources. The WCBC will work closely with Bangor University’s Sustainability specialists Synnwyr Busnes Business Sense (SBBS) based at the Welsh Institute for Natural Resources. SBBS has wide-ranging experience of engaging with business and industry to raise awareness and understanding of both sustainability and equal opportunities in a way that goes beyond ticking boxes.