About the Centre

The Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC) builds on Bangor University’s internationally recognised academic reputation and applied research in the field of behavioural psychology and behaviour change.

Behaviour Change is a key policy area that is critical for establishing sustainable lifestyles, promoting economic prosperity and resolving many of the most common and significant issues which face our society today. WCBC helps to meet these global challenges, being a hub for collaborative R&D and innovation working alongside Welsh industry, and extending behaviour change systems and approaches to meet areas of need. Initially, it was a 2.5 year project funded in large part by the Welsh Govt. (Wales European Funding Office) with match funding from Bangor University..

WCBC set out with three primary services to assist businesses:

• Working to design and evaluate behavioural solutions to specific applied challenges presented to them from individuals, businesses and other organisations.
• To harness technology in research innovation in order to exploit nudge techniques, mobile apps, gamification, 3D-visualisation, choice architecture and other embedded technologies in its work.
• A proportion of the work will incorporate investigations into the neuroscience of behaviour change, including for example, some functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) research.

Through a series of defined work-packages, WCBC has transferred relevant knowledge and resources to industry sectors to strengthen Welsh enterprises and improve competitiveness in the Convergence area and beyond.

Current Centre Themes

Whilst the initial WEFO funding period has long ceased, the centre continues to provide collaborative research opportunities, bespoke workshops and seminars, and acts as a Think Tank for the role of behavioural science in contemporary public health and wellbeing.

Primary thematic areas of focus include:

• Productivity & Organisational Well-Being
• Public Health Behaviour
• Sustainability

Meet the Team

The centre is based in the School of Psychology at Bangor University, but has members from across Schools in the College of Health Sciences and College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Professor John Parkinson, Centre Director, Head of School of Psychology
Professor Carl Hughes,Centre Director 2013-2016, Head of School of Education and Human Development
Dr Rhi Willmot, Lead Behavioural Scientist, School of Psychology
Dr Andy Goodman, Lead Creative & Innovator, School of Engineering

Mr Arwel Williams, PhD student, School of Education and Human Development
Miss Ceridwen Evans, PhD Student, School of Education and Human Development