COVID-19 – A Behaviour Science perspective on supporting positive human behaviour

We've been writing some short pieces for Professor Peter Halligan, Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales, to help Welsh Government and stakeholders understand human behaviour (why are people panic shopping? why can't people keep 2m social distance?), and how we can harness behaviour science to help people behave in ways that support our communities and reduce the chance of contagion.

We have an irregular blog page focusing on positive psychology, behaviour science and motivation, and so we'll be reproducing pieces about Covid-19 and behaviour change to that site:

The View From Above

Feel free to leave comments and request pieces.

Rhi also wrote an article recently for The Psychologist: "Keeping your sense of meaning during lockdown." Part of her PhD work focused on using a meaning diary to help individuals to identify what is purposeful and meaningful in their own lives. It's called the Bounce Pad and please feel free to give it a try yourself.

In July 2020 we summarised some of the blog material and have created a Brief Guide to Behaviour Change PDF which is free to download and use under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Stay safe and keep socially distant!

The WCBC Team